Job Lights - Series II

Low Energy Lighting

Introducing the Mightylite Series II Job lights

Portable, high-intensity light. The removable H stand has dual use as a base and a handle. Lo and Hi settings offer a choice of brightness and help extend battery life. Powerful, cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology permits prolonged usage. The Mightylite Job Light SII is perfect for hiking, camping, or working outside at night. Power settings offer options for super-bright output or extended battery life. The combination of tough, waterproof construction and cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology means the Mightylite Job Light SII will work in extremely challenging environments. Throw one into your toolbox or backpack. It’s made of tough polycarbonate, so it won’t break. This is one rugged little light that isn’t afraid to go wherever you do.

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