Introducing the Mightylite LED Solar Floodlight(Works on as little as 12 mins of sun per day)

​Provides continuous low-level courtesy lighting from dusk till dawn, boosting up to full brightness when movement is detected. 

Hylite's Mightylite floodlights are, for their size, the most powerful, high quality LED floodlights. Ideal for both domestic and Patented intelligent solar lighting system, will automatically switch functions and continue to operate in almost all weather conditions all year round.

The solar powered commercial grade LED fitting works in areas where a mains power supply is unavailable or unstable.

Mightylite Intelligent Solar has been designed to operate in all environments across the globe. Mightylite utilises the latest software PMS (Power Management System) that continuously monitors battery levels and self selects the most efficient program for the local environment. The programs automatically vary on the battery level (see below).

For the 8W Solar Floodlight manual please CLICK HERE

For the 28W Solar Floodlight manual please CLICK HERE

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