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24W PIR Security Floodlight
"good value good service."

Maurice Hopkinson
24W PIR Security Floodlight
"These lights are brilliant and that's not just the brightness! I bought these because I wanted LED lights that would last a long time and be no bother. I was a little concerned about buying LEDs as I had previously purchased one years ago that I was told would be bright, but in fact really were not, they were very disappointing. No such problem with these lights, they are VERY bright. The PIR works well and has variable setting to set the dusk settings, light timings and sensitivity arc. Good robust plastic outer shell and easy to fit. Highly."
Susan Gough - Liverpool, UK
24W PIR Security Floodlight
"LED floodlight - neat and tidy unit - great for lighting up my small koi pond
Would recommend this product."
Mr. Stephen P. Lane
8W PIR Security Floodlight
"This product is the best on the market. We have them in our garden in the UK, Also on the roof of our apartment in HK. The light in HK is the Solar version so no electricity." 

28W Tool Light H Stand - Battery Operated 
"So impressed by this unit. Extremely hard wearing but light and compact. The light quality and duration are exceptional. A real must for anyone working in poor light conditions."

Craig Pamphilon -Aircraft technician- Essex, Harlow, UK

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16W PIR Security Floodlight
"The problem with having a light in your integral garage is that you have to turn it off before getting into the car, this light solves the problem, & lights the garage up on returning or loading & unloading the washing machine/tumble dryer or freezer, however - if you wanted to fit it on an external wall I would want it out of the rain, it may be waterproof, but I personally would have my doubts, it gives off a good instant light, the PIR works well, and with a bit of time & effort I was able to get the timer set for 2 minute of light at only 15 watts. Well pleased, just wish I had fitted one years ago, but I think the LED's are fairly new to the scene, my house is now full of them. 😀."

Gary Sewell